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Where to play at Eleven? The super-best food shopping guide here!

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Where to play at Eleven? The super-best food shopping guide here!

你准备 好去哪儿浪了吗? The 11th holiday is coming soon. Think about it a little bit excited ~ Where are you ready to go? 衢州 都值得您一逛~ Whether you are from Luzhou or not, Luzhou is worth your visit ~

南孔圣地 ,衢州有 礼” 是的衢州的城市品牌,只要你来了,你就会发现,这里好多“礼”等着你! " Nankong Holy Land , Luzhou Youli " is the city brand of Luzhou. As soon as you come, you will find that there are a lot of "ceremonies" waiting for you here!

,来到衢州你只管逛吃逛吃~ Luzhou is full of beautiful scenery and delicious food . When you come to Luzhou, you just have to eat and eat ~

江郎山 ,这里有赋有千古传说的围棋圣地 烂柯山 ,这里有世界第九大奇迹的 龙游石窟 ,这里更有各种让人流连忘返的美食, 三头一掌、衢州烤饼、衢州粉干 ,更有被央视《舌尖上的中国》所传颂的 龙游发糕、开化青蛳 …… Here is Jianglang Mountain , one of the world's natural heritages , here is the Go holy land , a legendary Go holy place , and the Longyou Grottoes , the ninth wonder in the world. Palm, Luzhou scones, Luzhou noodles , and Longyou hair cake, Kaihua green tea, which are extolled by CCTV "China on the Tip of the Tongue" ...

的生产厂房就坐落于这赋有韵味、好吃又好玩的城市,衢州值得你一来,下面跟着上海喜之泉的小编一起走进衢州这个城市~ The production plant of Shanghai Xizhiquan Pump Valve Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch is located in this charming, delicious and fun city. Luzhou is worth your visit. Let's follow the Xiaobian of Shanghai Xizhiquan to the city of Luzhou ~


Travel articles

位于浙江母亲河钱塘江的源头地。 Luzhou is located at the source of the Qiantang River, the mother river of Zhejiang. Xu Xiake, the first person in China's tourism industry, has a special fondness for Luzhou and has visited Luzhou five times. Bozhou has a beautiful ecological environment. It has five national forest parks and it is a natural oxygen bar.


Jianglang Mountain, a national AAAAA-level scenic spot, has long been a "World Natural Heritage". It is 360 meters above sea level, and is known as "the majestic crown of the world, the beauty of the southeast of Jiajia". As well as the Millennium Buddhist Temple Kaiming Chan Temple and the Millennium School Jianglang Academy.


It's like a book, embedding the former stormy clouds into the lines. The area is dotted with temples, ancestral halls, guild halls, towers, monuments and traditional houses. Inside Shuiting Gate is Shuiting Street, and outside is the Minjiang River. The prosperity of Shuiting Street is closely connected with the history of the development and decline of the Minjiang River's water transportation.

Misaki Stone Forest

Sansong Stone Forest Scenic Spot is located in Huibu Town, Changshan County, about 10 kilometers away from the county seat and the highest altitude of 518.8 meters. It is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, a national geological park, and a provincial-level scenic spot.

The Sanya Stone Forest is precious because of the combination of biological reefs and beautiful karst landforms. The typical karst karst landforms gave birth to a myriad of different, realistic and unique stone forest labyrinth wonders, and the karst boulder stones hidden in the green vines are beautiful. They are called "rare geology in the world by geologists at home and abroad" "Landscape" has the reputation of "the first stone forest in East China", "the world's largest natural bonsai", "the world's largest pictographic stone zoo", and "the southeast of Xiujia, one of the best in Jiangnan".

Yaozhou Mountain

Yaowang Mountain Scenic Area, a national 4A-level scenic spot, is located in Ziwei Mountain National Forest Park. It is part of Lankeshan-Wuxijiang Provincial Scenic Spot and is a provincial-level eco-tourism area with an area of 15 square kilometers and a forest coverage rate of 95. %the above.

Luobadu Ancient Town

The ancient town of Babaduo is a national historic and cultural town and the hometown of Chinese folk art. It was the first market town in Zhejiang from Zhejiang in history. It is known as the “Fengxi Key”. The town has been built for more than 1,000 years. Founded in the Northern Song Dynasty, there are all kinds of ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties that are fully preserved. National AAAA-level scenic spot.

Negong Buddhist Cultural Tourism Area

3.03平方公里,位于钱塘江的源头——开化县,工艺美术大师徐谷青先生精心创作。 Gengong Buddhism Cultural Tourism Area (ie, Genbo Garden in Kaihua County), a national AAAAA-level tourist and tourism area, covers an area of 3.03 square kilometers, is located in the source of the Qiantang River-Kaihua County, and is crafted by Mr. Xu Guqing, a master craftsman . Pangu Kaitian, "water from the source, wood from the root." In the lush forest and Qianjiangyuan, which is drenched by ditch, there is a magical and beautiful scenery line with unique style-China Root Carving Expo Garden.

Food articles

砖家 ”,每个人心中都有那么几家几天不吃就难受的衢州老字号,衢州“三头一掌”是远近闻名的特色美食,鲜、咸、辣,吃一口保你上瘾。 Quzhou is full of food. Quzhou people are good at eating. Every person in Quzhou is a " brick house ". Everyone has so many old Quzhou brands that are uncomfortable if they do n’t eat for a few days. "It is a famous specialty far and near, fresh, salty, and spicy. Eat a bite to keep you addicted.

Three heads and one palm

Quzhou people are particularly fond of spicy food. Quzhou's three heads and one palm are famous for spicy food, which is a local special flavor of Quzhou. Three heads and one palm include rabbit head, duck head, fish head, and duck palm. The most famous of them is the rabbit head, which is delicate, loose and rich in nutrition. Xiao Bian's favorite is duck's paw. The skin is thick and chewy, and it is rich in collagen. Three heads and one palm can be used as a special feature of a banquet, snacks on the street, and very good casual food!

Luzhou Scones

No one in Luzhou loves scones. When walking in the streets and streets, they can always smell the scones that are just baked. Because of love, so fine. Luzhou scones are already a specialty snack of Luzhou, and the taste can not be imitated elsewhere. Meat fillings, mustards, dried plums, and green onions have always been the taste. Having eaten scones in many places, I still think that Luzhou is the best.

Changshan Gongmen

又叫 素面,是“白如银,细如丝”的面条,它的特点是细、软、长,碗里加点调料,清汤煮沸出锅就可以享用,味道就会让人回味无穷。 In Luzhou Changshan, there is a kind of noodle called "gong noodles", also called plain noodles. It is "white as silver, as thin as silk" noodles. Its characteristics are thin, soft, and long. Add seasoning to the bowl. You can enjoy the soup when it is boiled. It will be evocative.

Kaihua training cake

There is a custom of eating cakes in Luzhou on July 15th. Every July and a half of the lunar calendar, every family in the lunar calendar has to make cakes. It's similar to the hair cake, but it's different. Generally, the cakes are sweet and salty. The salty top is sprinkled with delicious vegetable stuffing. A steamer steamed out is like a foreign pizza, but it is Chinese Flavor is another specialty of Luzhou.

Longyou Fat Cake

Baking cakes were made before the Chinese New Year, but they are still available in the market. Luzhou Longyou Hair Cake is a special product of Luzhou. It has a unique manufacturing process and sophisticated ingredients, so the hair cake is also very delicious, sweet but not greasy, sticky and not sticky, white as jade, and fine holes like needles. I, who usually do not like sweets, can't resist the temptation to Longyou Fat Cake.

一心只想来衢州逛吃逛吃~根本无心工作 了? After reading this, do you just want to come to Luzhou to eat, eat and eat ~ Have you no intention of working ?

北京的消防展 ,上海喜之泉受邀参加, W3-A6 0- 5 展位你不容错过! In October, there is one thing you must not miss, that is, the Beijing Fire Show , Shanghai Xizhiquan is invited to participate, and you must not miss the booths W3-A6 0-5 !

跟着喜之泉走,带你去看国际消防展! Big coffees gather, high bigger ~ Follow Hizhiquan and take you to the International Fire Show!

中华人民共和国应急管理部和商务部 批准,由 中国消防协会 主办的 规模和影响力最大的国际消防设备展览与技术交流盛会 "CHINAFIRE" is approved by the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Commerce , and is the largest and most influential international fire protection equipment exhibition and technology exchange event hosted by the China Fire Protection Association . Since it was first held in 1986, it has been held every two years, and so far it has successfully held seventeen sessions. 科技含量高,覆盖面广 ,成交额大,受到国内外消防界的普遍关注和好评。 The exhibition is large in scale, has a large audience, high technology content, wide coverage and large turnover, and has received widespread attention and praise from the fire protection industry at home and abroad.

Many highlights of Shanghai Xizhiquan Exhibition Hall

You must not miss it!

1. The company chairman came to the exhibition

董事长罗卫华 先生亲临现场,亲自为您讲解介绍,共同探讨交流。 Mr. Luo Weihua , the chairman of the company , came to the scene to explain the introduction and discuss the exchanges. 高级销售精英、技术研发精英 现场为您详细讲解。 The company's senior sales elite and technical research and development elites will explain in detail for you.

上海喜之泉与韩国现代泵业、日本寺田株式会社等国外著名泵阀公司强强技术合作,引进具有国际水平的设计、开发和企业管理模式,并长期聘请国外专家为公司进行技术指导,产品具有 国际竞争力 2. Equipment complying with international standards appeared at the exhibition Shanghai Xizhiquan cooperated with South Korea's Hyundai Pump Industry, Japan's Terada Co., Ltd. and other well-known foreign pump and valve companies to introduce strong international standards in design, development, and enterprise management, and hired overseas Experts provide technical guidance for the company, and the products have international competitiveness .

3. Cost-effective, high-end quality, and excellent service to meet your needs

Shanghai Xizhiquan is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, and sales. The mode of self-production and sales is the advantage of contemporary fluid equipment buyers in pursuit of cost-effectiveness. We provide you with cost-effective products and high-quality products. service.

本次展会,上海喜之泉本着 学习 分享 的心态,以最优质的产品和服务及最高的性价比,希望得到与更强大的团队的合作, 强强联手,合作共赢! 4. Looking for high-quality partners At this exhibition, Shanghai Xizhiquan takes the spirit of learning and sharing , with the highest quality products and services and the highest cost performance ratio, hoping to get cooperation with a stronger team, join forces and win-win cooperation. !!

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