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Current Location: Xizhiquan ⎝⎛和丰娱乐⎞⎠ > Fire Equipment > Diesel Fire Pump > Shanghai Xizhiquan 3CF Certified XBC-S Diesel Fire Pump
  • Shanghai Xizhiquan 3CF Certified XBC-S Diesel Engine Fire Pump XBC-S
  • Rated speed: 1500-2000 (r / min)
    Flow: 10 ~ 450 (L / s)
    Rated pressure: 0.3-540 (MPa)
    Efficiency: 71 ~ 85 (%)
    Necessary cavitation margin: 2.9-4.9 (m)
    Shaft power: 15.3-837.7 (kw)
    Supporting diesel engine power: 26.5-900 (kw)
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Product concept:

柴油机消防泵 组是上海喜之泉泵阀有限公司严格安装标准 GB6245 《消防泵性能要求和试验方法》等标准研制开发的一种新型消防设备,该系列设备按所配用的消防泵(单级单吸式、单级双吸式、节段多级式)可分为 XBC-IS XBC-S XBC-D 等三个子系列,设备压力、流量范围广,其应用几乎能满足消防所需的各种场合。 XBC-S diesel engine fire pump is a new type of fire protection equipment developed by Shanghai Xizhiquan Pump Valve Co., Ltd. in strict installation standard GB6245 "Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumps" and other standards. This series of equipment is based on the fire pumps ( Single-stage single-suction type, single-stage double-suction type, and segmented multi-stage type) can be divided into three sub-series such as XBC-IS , XBC-S , XBC-D, etc. The equipment has a wide range of pressure and flow, and its application can almost meet fire protection Various occasions required. The diesel engines equipped with the equipment are all made in China or products. It has the characteristics of good starting characteristics, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, and high degree of automation. It is an advanced and reliable fire protection equipment. 消防产品3CF认证证书 And obtained 3CF certification for fire products .

Model meaning:



自动启动:柴油机泵机组接到火警 / 管网压力 / 停电 / 或其他启动信号后,再 15 秒内能自动启动并投入满负荷运行; 1. Automatic start: After receiving the fire alarm / pipeline pressure / power outage / or other start signal, the diesel pump unit can start automatically and put into full load operation within 15 seconds;

自动充电:蓄电池可利用市电或柴油机充电电机自动充电,保证机组的顺利起动; 2. Automatic charging: The battery can be automatically charged by the mains or diesel charging motor to ensure the smooth start of the unit;

自动报警:对柴油机低油压、高水温等故障自动报警保护,再超速时报警并停机; 3. Automatic alarm: automatic alarm protection for diesel engine with low oil pressure, high water temperature and other faults, and then alarm and stop when overspeed;

自动预热:使柴油机处于热机备用状态,确保应急工作; 4. Automatic preheating: keep the diesel engine in the standby state to ensure emergency work;

直连式: 360kw 以下柴油机泵机组采用国内创的柴油机与水泵通过弹性联轴节直接连接技术,减少了故障点,并使机组的起动时间大大缩短,增加了机组的可靠性和应急性能; 5. Direct connection type: Diesel pump unit below 360kw adopts domestically-created diesel engine and water pump direct connection technology through flexible couplings, which reduces the failure points and greatly shortens the startup time of the unit, which increases the reliability and emergency performance of the unit. ;

用户亦可要求设置其他报警输出(非标准供货); 6. The user can also request to set other alarm outputs (non-standard supply);

具有遥测、遥信、遥控功能(非标准供货); 7. With telemetry, remote signaling, remote control functions (non-standard supply);

设备由 X6135 12V135 4102 4105 6102 等系列柴油机为动力,柴油机(可配离合器)通过高弹性联轴器与消防泵连接组成消防泵组,机组外还包括柴油箱、散热水箱、风扇、控制屏(自动机组用)等部件 . 8. The equipment is powered by X6135 , 12V135 , 4102 , 4105 , 6102 series diesel engines. The diesel engine (can be equipped with a clutch) is connected to the fire pump through a highly elastic coupling to form a fire pump unit. The unit also includes a diesel tank, a cooling water tank, Fan, control panel (for automatic unit) and other components .

当为自动控制机组时,由分体式柴油机自动控制柜(可编程)实现系统的自动启动、投入、自动切换(电动泵组切换到柴油机泵组或该组柴油机泵组切换到另一组柴油机组)、自动保护(柴油机超速、油压低、水温高、三次启动失败、油位低、蓄电池电压低等报警停机保护)等功能,同时还可与用户消防中心或火灾自动报警装置接口,实现远程监控。 9. When it is an automatic control unit, the automatic start, input and automatic switch of the system is realized by the split diesel automatic control cabinet (programmable) (the electric pump set is switched to the diesel pump set or the diesel pump set is switched to another set) Diesel unit), automatic protection (alarm shutdown protection for diesel engine overspeed, low oil pressure, high water temperature, three start failures, low oil level, low battery voltage, etc.) and other functions. It can also interface with the user fire center or automatic fire alarm device. Achieve remote monitoring.

为保证机组在低于 5 ° C 环境下的正常工作,机组可附设 AC220V 冷却水预热加热装置。 10. In order to ensure the normal operation of the unit under the environment of 5 ° C , the unit can be equipped with AC220V cooling water preheating heating device.

柴油机消防泵可与电动泵组、稳压泵等组成自动消防给水系统。 11. Diesel engine fire pump can be combined with electric pump set, pressure pump, etc. to form automatic fire water supply system.

There are two ways for the fire pump to enter the water: self-irrigation and suction. According to the requirements of fire protection regulations, it is generally self-irrigation. If the user needs to suck two kinds, according to the requirements of fire protection code, it is generally self-irrigation and water diversion. If the user needs to draw on the water inlet system, special instructions are needed so that the company can provide an automatic vacuum water introduction device, but the size of the pump set has changed.

Installation diagram:

Product Usage:

XBC-S diesel engine fire pump set It is suitable for fire fighting water supply and emergency water supply in warehouses, docks, airports, petroleum, chemical, power plants, liquefied gas, textiles, ships, tankers and other occasions.

Working conditions

海拔高度: ≤1000mm; 1. Altitude: ≤1000mm;

环境温度: +5°C~+40°C; 2. Ambient temperature: + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C;

空气相对湿度: ≤90% 3. Relative air humidity: ≤90%

Performance parameters:

Serial number model flow preset pressure Rotating speed Shaft power Pump model
Q P n Pe
L / S Mpa r / min kw
1 XBC9.0 / 150-300W 150 0.9 1500 167 S
2 XBC8.5 / 160-300W 160 0.85 1500 169 S
3 XBC6.1 / 170-300W 170 0.61 1500 171 S
4 XBC10 / 150-300W 150 1 1500 186 S
5 XBC11 / 150-300W 150 1.1 1500 204 S
6 XBC11.5 / 180-350W 180 1.15 1500 257 S
7 XBC9.0 / 200-350W 200 0.9 1500 195 S
8 XBC13.2 / 200-350W 200 1.32 1500 337 S
9 XBC15 / 220-350W 220 1.5 1500 368 S
10 XBC14 / 250-350W 250 1.4 1500 383 S
11 XBC10 / 320-400W 320 1 1500 362 S

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